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Combination Door Lock

AGAM’s new Combination Door Lock is a substantial upgrade for customers who demand the highest quality, security and flexibility. Unlike other offerings, this new unit consists of an integrated lock and handle rather than separate components.

Keeping up with keys on the show floor can be challenging to say the least.  No longer will you need to decipher which key goes with which lock and receive multiple requests for replacement keys from clients/customers.


With 8,000 possible pass code combinations, the new Combination Door Lock can be tailored to each customer.  Combinations can be changed on show site giving you ultimate control.  And since it offers a matte chrome finish and cast alloy construction, it is built to last.

Technical Details


The Combination Door Lock is available for purchase now and can be purchased as part of a Combination Door Frame Kit (Reference: 818 01).  Please send an email to or contact your sales representative today to receive more information and pricing.

Raising The Bar


This past December AGAM received a game changing piece of machinery which takes our already industry-leading custom capabilities to another level. With 4 controlled axes, our new Aluminum Machining Center becomes a versatile tool in manufacturing custom displays that make the ultimate statement.

The Aluminum Machining Center allows AGAM’s extensive line of profiles to be customized with extreme precision and efficiency. What makes the machine unique from others that we own is the continuous rotating work table that allows machining from -90° to +90° on extrusions up to 120” in length!



The Aluminum Machining Center makes quick work of custom slots:


Precision milling long lengths of aluminum is no problem:


In addition to milling custom slots and holes in our profiles; this machine allows us to think outside the box and discover solutions to problems once thought to be impossible. We are able to program the Aluminum Machining Center to do complex operations such as grudging our 108mm (4 ¼”) round VR108 profile and the results are top-notch!


The following is the video of the Aluminum Machining Center machining the VR108 profile, demonstrating its precision and efficiency. *Please note that the machining portion of the video has been increased by 4x to keep the video short.

To learn more about this exciting new machine and what it can do for you, please contact your AGAM representative today!

Powder Coating Upgrade

As part of its commitment to offer its customers up-to-date, sophisticated technology under one roof, AGAM recently purchased a 75’ conveyorized oven.  The installation took place mid-April and was the conclusion of a long study period.

Sophisticated Engineering- When you install a conveyorized oven, you first must determine the capacity.  Our objective was to powder coat 2,000 to 2,500 linear feet per hour or 20,000 linear feet per day.  We determined that we wanted a minimum speed of 4’ per minute, and as a result, the oven needed to be 75’ long because parts need to cure for 15 minutes.


Engineering details were complex and we went through numerous drawings to get things right, a sample is below.


The new oven and conveyor system not only give us increased capacity, but we are now able to powder coat full lengths, 20’ or 6 meters.  We are seeing an increased demand for such long parts and extrusions used in large displays.


Install- It took about 1 week to install what amounted to 2 tractor trailer loads of equipment.



Adjustments- Tweaking the tension and adjusting the lubricating system for the automated conveyor was necessary.


And to calibrate the oven to produce even heat from end to end took another couple of days.


This substantial investment is in-line with AGAM’s dedication to offer to leading display builders an unmatched group of engineering capabilities, as well as sophisticated state of the art machining under one roof.


Stay tuned for the next upgrade to our paint line coming in Q3.

In HAAS We Trust

AGAM has a longstanding commitment to consistently provide better products and to increase services for our customers. Every year, a substantial budget is set aside for purchasing new machinery, employee training and general plant improvements.  This year, our biggest purchase was a HAAS VF 5/40 XT vertical machine center which was delivered and installed in early October.

All told, this purchase was nearly 2 years in the making.  Last September we visited EMO, which is an international trade fair for the machine and tool industry located in Hannover Germany.  While at EMO, we looked at machines from top manufacturers around the world.  After spending significant time with multiple machine center manufacturers, it became apparent that we needed to go with the industry leader- HAAS.

Choosing the appropriate model that could produce our entire range of products was not an easy one but our requirements led us to the VX 5 XT.  The HAAS VF 5 XT is a substantial upgrade from our current machine center in terms of size, speed and capabilities.  What this means for our customers is that both stock and custom parts can be made faster and to exact tolerances, ensuring that tight deadlines are always met.

The VF 5 XT features 5 axis capabilities, a 60” x 26” machining bed (allowing six vises), a 20 position umbrella tool changer, a 30 HP motor and full CNC control wrapped up in a 15,000 pound package.  We are especially excited about the rotary table we purchased for this machine.  The rotary table will create a fourth axis, allowing the HAAS to perform operations on multiple surfaces in just one set-up.

To supplement the VF 5’s capabilities, AGAM has also purchased CAMWorks.  CAMWorks is CNC based software that will allow us to program complex 3D parts quickly and accurately, rather than manual programming, which we needed to do previously.  Since we currently model our products in SolidWorks, choosing SolidWorks Product Partner CAMWorks for our programming software was a logical decision.

In fact, it is amazing how seamlessly this machine has fit in and become a piece of equipment that we rely on daily.

AGAM is very excited to have finally received this machine and we look forward to using its expansive capabilities to provide better service for all of your needs.  Please watch and enjoy the video below.

Inside Look: AGAM Employees

What are the keys to any company’s success?  Its employees!

AGAM is a company that is made up of diverse people who share a common drive for success.  This starts with our owner, and it carries down to every single employee.

AGAM believes that an employee’s growth potential is the key to longevity and overall satisfaction in the work place.  When we hire new employees, we know that there will be a steep learning curve due to the complexity of our product line.  So we hire people with strong character and positive attitudes because it is required that new employees be able to reach beyond their current capabilities and acquire new skill sets.   This is beneficial for both the company and for the employee’s pocket book.

EXAMPLE: Designers

Skill wise, designers hired by AGAM are mainly chosen based on their AutoCAD and SolidWorks proficiency.  The initial and primary function of an AGAM designer is to assist Project Coordinators with the design of client projects.

SolidWorks Cubicle

AutoCAD Booth Design

However, each designer is gradually given additional responsibilities one of which includes being assigned to one of our sophisticated machines to learn and oversee its function.   This allows the designer to get external training and manage all technical aspects of a machine such as our laser, waterjet, CNC Press Brake and CNC Roller Benders.  This comes in very handy when the designers are doing custom parts for client drawings and for R&D.  While discussing projects/products with their peers, they are quickly able to determine the feasibility of any given new product or idea.

Photographed above from upper left to lower right is AGAM’s laser, press brake, roller bender, and waterjet which are some of the machines that make up AGAM’s sophisticated Machining Center.

Recently we created a new part, the 290 FS 42 steel miter connector.  Sam, its creator is in charge of our Trumpf CNC Press Brake and he spent two weeks in training for both operation and programming.

The first step in designing the 290 FS 42 was to model it in SolidWorks.

Once drawn, Sam needed to discuss the cutting of the parts with Tamas who is in charge of the laser.

For bending the parts, Sam was able to transfer the SolidWorks file into the CNC Press Brake.  Below Sam is seen working with Allan (The CNC Press Brake and Laser Operator.) who just got back from a week’s worth of training at Trumpf in Connecticut.

Finally, the part is bent on the press brake.

It took some minor tweaking, but after minimal trial and error a new AGAM part was born.  This part now lays the groundwork for four other similar products soon to be released.

This is but one example of how the people of AGAM grow the company from within.  AGAM and its employees are committed to bringing products that are aesthetically pleasing, more sophisticated and cost-effective to the market place.
With the hard work and dedication our employees, AGAM’s future is very bright indeed.

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

Display designs over the last 20+ years have incorporated more and more curved elements. Though curving is both an art and science, it is one of AGAM’s fortes. AGAM provides unparalleled service by consistently giving our clients custom curves that meet their exact specifications in a timely manner.

Lead Curve Specialist at AGAM

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

  • Name: Robert Watkins
  • Nickname: ROCK
  • Position: Curve Specialist
  • Years at AGAM: 5
  • Skills: Roller Bender, C.N.C. Laser

Robert (photographed to the right) is our Lead Curve Specialist. He is responsible for overseeing three CNC roller benders; two saw stations and up to three employees that work in his department.

Bending curves is an art and science because aluminum extrusions change properties based on age and temperature. So, even if Robert writes programs for the different extrusions and radius’s, they cannot be 100% perfect the first time and “tweaking” always needs to be done.

To ensure curves come out correctly, Robert uses a unique radii-measuring device and also checks the curve with a 1:1 scale print out of the curve.

8-Step Processes to Creating a Curve

Here is the process for creating a curve with the AGAM System:

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

1. Curves are drawn by designers in AutoCAD and printed for production

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

2. Get orders from the production board


Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

3. Material is cut to the required length 

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

4. A master curve is rolled and will be used to check the remaining curves

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

5. The master curve is checked for accuracy

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

6. After all curves are rolled, 1:1 cut sheets are used to achieve their proper angle

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

7. If required, holes are punched for CBX Connectors

Inside Look at AGAM: Curves

8. Then, the curves are wrapped and ready to be packaged


For your next project, explore how the use of curves can enhance and help distinguish your display. Our sales team, designers, and production staff are ready to assist you with your next project.

AGAM Can Create Your Designs

The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System engineers around a broad range of extrusions and accessories. These components interlock to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything your imagination and creativity will allow! Let AGAM be your partner in getting your projects done! Email us at or give us a call for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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