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New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

SEG graphics (Silicone Edge Graphics) allow people the freedom to create large prints that offer excellent image quality, color, portability and ease of installation. AGAM already had an extensive SEG product line to accommodate various designs and applications for SEG graphics, but recently we have had multiple requests to develop an extrusion that will allow non-AGAM structures to utilize SEG graphics. Feedback from customers is a genuine inspiration and a source for product development; such is the case with the new FH15 extrusion illustrated below:


New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

Development of AGAM’s FH15

The FH15 extrusion was specifically designed to screw on a flat surface. The outside channel helps center and drive a screw while creating a silicone groove on the side of said surface. With this surface, you can include a SEG graphic.

New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15


To adapt the FH15 to AGAM’s VS76 and VS108 extrusions, we have developed the FH S-Clip. To use with the VS76 extrusion, the slot nearest to the front of the clip is used, and the furthest slot is for use with the VS108. The clip itself can be installed anywhere along the channel and is held in place by the PR1/PR2 combination. Simply hold the S-Clip where you want it installed; insert the PR1/PR2 combination into the channel, slide into place and turn the PR1 thumbscrew to tighten. The use of the PR1 thumbscrew is important because it means that installation and adjustments require no tooling.

New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15


Examples of the FH15 and FH S-Clip in use:

New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

FH15 mounted to VS76

New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

FH15 mounted to VS76









Detailed specifications of the FH S-Clip:

New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15

New Product Launch at AGAM – New FH15












Together these two new products are capable of creating a SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) frame on virtually any surface! Stay tuned for the upcoming blog on the FH90, which can be used in conjunction with the FH15!

AGAM Aluminum Modular System Can Help You

AGAM offers unparalleled manufacturing and specialized fabrication services. With a vast 110,000 square foot production facility, AGAM provides all its services under one roof in the United States. With AGAM Systems, design possibilities are infinite. So, if you are looking to make improvements to any environment, AGAM has a solution for you. Email us at or give us a call, toll-free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

With the AGAM System, design possibilities are infinite. So, to help with creative inspiration, AGAM wanted to stoplight some of our favorite designs to help you visualize what is possible with our system.

Using the FH2001 Extrusion for the Verizon Exhibit

The intention of this design idea was to capture Verizon’s brand identity into a physical form. In addition to form, close attention would need to be paid to color schemes and distribution.

By using the new FH2001 extrusion, which was designed for constructing lightboxes, AGAM built four different structures: a red check, representative of Verizon’s logo, which runs through the three black ascending boxes. In addition, the Verizon logo was placed on the third box.

AGAM uses SEG and LED to Complete the Look

The frames were designed with extrusions made for silicone-edge-graphics (SEG), so they can be quickly modified and switched out to update the look.

The red check was designed to be backlit using LED strips and the aluminum frame is powdercoated black to provide contrast while staying within Verizon’s color scheme. The checks is supported by three vertical posts that are bolted through the FH2001 frame and hidden inside of each of the black boxes. For proper installation and connections, customer miter connection was used to hold the frame together.

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

Additions to the Verizon Exhibit

In front of the structure is a simple display table that can be used for product demonstrations and information. It can also be easily modified to accommodate other AGAM accessories such as iPad mounts, literature holders, and monitors mounts. This type of display is perfect, not only for tradeshow environments, but also as a semi-permanent store fixture or point of purchase display for Verizon retail locations.

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

AGAM Design of the Week: Verizon

AGAM Can Build an Exhibit For You!

As innovative designers at AGAM, we are continually creating new extrusions and accessories to benefit our customers. The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System’s components interlock to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything you imagination and creativity will allow! Email us at or give us a call, toll-free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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AGAM Predicts Trends for 2015

While we know that most marketing money is moving towards social media, few know that the marketing budget is for events, such as trade shows. Connecting with potential and current clients face-to-face is a great way to market and engage with your consumers. So, as 2014 wraps up, AGAM wants to give you a few ideas to look forward to in the future of the tradeshow industry, and what you can do to get more clients.

AGAM Will Create Structural Booths with Bigger Profiles

The saying “bigger is better” resounds with many of our clients. It is the easiest way to stand out in a hall full of exhibit displays. Here are a few of the trends our Industrial Designers and Project Coordinators are forecasting for 2015: integrated technology, curving extrusions, integration of fabric with backlit displays and tool-free setup.

Integrated Technology

AGAM has already designed and developed various structures for our clients that include mounts for monitors and stands for iPads. The integration of technology into exhibit displays allows customers to go to the next level. Touch screen devices make it easier for clients to peruse catalogs and learn more about their products.


AGAM operates two CNC controlled roller benders. These benders work by introducing pressure and creating a “pinch” as material is driven through the roll sets. This force is applied by changing the distance between the top roll and the bottom two rolls. At AGAM, we can incorporate various radii in one pass, going from straight to curve, and then back to straight or even arches. Curves will take your display to the next level.

Integration of Fabric with Backlit Displays and Tool-free Set Up

AGAM has developed a number of SEG Extrusions that allow for versatility and reusability with displays. Integrating fabric into exhibits has and will continue to become popular because it can be exchanged with a new design, saving companies time and money. Another reason integrating fabric will be trending in 2015 is because it is an easy way to cover channels to hide various extrusions. We’ve seen many clients want to create seamless, clean, modern displays, and this is accomplished with SEG fabric. AGAM also has Pliko, a backlit, tool-free SEG Exhibit. Pliko is great because it has no loose pieces, and no tools are required. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up.

Color and Powder Coating at AGAM

With the economy showing multiple upward trends, we see custom vibrant colors being in high demand. We have recently doubled our powder coating capability and can provide our customers with a quick turn around on all projects; large, small, stock, or custom. We also offer most colors in different textures so that you can fulfill your customers’ project requirements.

AGAM Can Help You in 2015

As innovative designers at AGAM and industry leaders in the aluminum modular design space, we are always creating new extrusions and accessories to benefit our customers. The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System’s components interlock to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything you imagination and creativity will allow! With AGAM’s 110,000 square foot production facility, we can provide all services under one roof in the United States. Email us at or give us a call, toll-free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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AGAM Spotlight – Xavier Decludt, Founder and President

AGAM founder and president, Xavier , was the driving force in bringing the AGAM Aluminum Modular System to the United States in 1983. As Decludt describes it, “with humble beginnings and a key business philosophy of empowering employees,” Decludt brought a new concept, modularity, and a new material, aluminum, to the display industry in America.

The company grew, regardless of the recessions in 2001 and 2007. It was through the innovation that pushed businesses during the recessions to re-evaluate their business models that AGAM flourished.

Decludt has led AGAM on a dynamic path for the past three decades, creating an environment that supports current employees while actively seeking the best in young talent. As a result, AGAM continues to innovate in new product development, leading the aluminum modular system industry and creating trends, while also providing the most effective solutions to common client problems.

Decludt, who is originally from France, insisted on bringing his company to the United States because of its entrepreneurial spirit.  The United States is notorious for being open to new businesses, ideas, and thought leaders, which is precisely what AGAM is, a thought leader.

Below is a conversation Decludt had with his business banker. It summarizes exactly how Decludt runs AGAM and how the community views him – reliable, precise, and knowledgable.

Is the president of AGAM a dinosaur? Or, more exactly, is AGAM a dinosaur? We’ll let you decide for yourselves.

Here is an abstract of a conversation between Xavier Decludt, founder and president of AGAM and his business banker, during a tour of the AGAM facility.

Banker: You know, Xavier, there is something I really like about your business. It’s that I understand exactly what you do. You receive raw material, process it and ship it in boxes and or on pallets. I can see it with my own two eyes.

Xavier: Well, if it were only that simple…What AGAM has today is the result of several years developing and fine-tuning a business model that is geared toward our customers.

Banker: What amazes me most compared to other clients of mine is that I physically see on the floor what I read in your financials. I see bundles and bundles of aluminum extrusions, and I see an extensive parts room with bins full of accessories and screws.

Xavier: As the industry got more sophisticated, we had to acquire new technology and gain new areas of expertise. We bought complex machinery and equipment, one at a time. We developed and mastered each new process before moving onto the next big transformation. This practice required many years of extensive training for our employees, some even traveling out-of-state for weeks at a time. This progression does not happen overnight, this is a daily discipline, and a team effort, requiring patience from our employees, customers, and suppliers.

Banker: Yes, I see that machinery and equipment is a growing asset in your balance sheet. But, can you explain why you did not pause during the recession and instead continued buying equipment? This is kind of odd, isn’t it?

Xavier: There is a simple logic behind that. I believe when times are good, you have to remember that a slowdown period is around the corner. When the economy is challenging, you need to prepare for the time of recovery, because there is always a recovery and you better be ready. If takes time to develop new products, to become proficient in new manufacturing techniques, so you better start during the recession. What I have learned from past recessions such as in 2001 is that the market shifts and opportunities are here to be grabbed — AGAM is ready to respond to the new expectations from the market.

Banker: So, where do you see the economy heading?

Xavier: Awe, the million dollar question…We can read all day long in various newspapers and magazines the confidential outlook as disclosed by experts, dampened that things are not turing around and not getting back to where they were. But, I think most of our customers strategically maneuver through these difficult times and AGAM is like them. We are not an aircraft carrier; we are capable of adapting and adjusting quickly. Just like the economy, the way we do business is never going to go back to where it was. It will be different. We have a lot of customers who acknowledge this new economy. And quite frankly, I am impressed by how they have restructured their business models to be quite successful in these new times.

Banker: Can you be more precise? I have so many customers who complain of meager margins and negative growth.

Xavier: Of course, in the world, you cannot hide behind a computer screen. Instead you have to get your feet wet. I see people taking charge; instead of shuffling a couple of emails I see people analyzing their customers’ needs, taking the time to listen, and preparing unique solutions. I see our customers working very closely with their vendors, making sure they deliver a valuable and yet affordable product. And sure enough, they end up being successful in the marketplace.

Banker: Well, you definitely do not do things the way most of my clients do, but I can tell that from your financials with solid and steady growth, and plenty of new machines in your building. Are you planning to buy more of these in 2015?

Xavier: Absolutely! Int he past few years, we bought another double head cutting center, we bought a new oven for our paint line, and we just purchased another extrusion machining center, just to mention a few key new additions. And in 2015, we have multiple fields of expertise we will get into, providing more valuable technologies and services to our customers.

Banker[whispering to his colleague] This is definitely not happening every day; sort of a dinosaur, wouldn’t you agree?

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