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2014 Trends at AGAM

During 2014, at AGAM, we were confronted to a large number of creative designs to be fabricated with the AGAM System. Our teams of Industrial Designers and Project Coordinators were able to provide fully engineered solutions to our clients as well as support the fabrication specialists in the plant. We asked the teams what some of their favorite projects were for 2014. Check out what they said!

AGAM’s Aluminum Cladding System

Booth Solutions Using Aluminum Cladding System

Jonathan Knight and Theron Williams worked on a large-scale exhibit at the beginning of 2014 that highlighted AGAM’s Aluminum Cladding System. The Aluminum Cladding System creates a bold and contemporary interior environment, perfect for booths that are trying to stand out in the crowd.

Jonathan and Theron built two structures, within a two-week turnaround. The structure was 16 feet tall by 70 feet wide, including two large conference rooms. This exhibit was significantly larger than typical booths.

2014 Trends at AGAM

AGAM Aluminum Cladding System

Once the structure was drawn, and the customer approved it, Jonathan and Theron specified flat black powder coating that gave the exhibit an architectural and contemporary look.

Possible Customizations with Aluminum Cladding System

The innovative system of interlocking brackets and panels allows for tool-free assembly on a VS45 extrusion frame. AGAM’s state-of-the-art production facility includes the latest manufacturing technologies that fully customize sizes and finishes to your exact specifications.

The Aluminum Cladding System is no different. AGAM has a water jet laser that allows the customizations of the aluminum panels. The laser can cut out graphics, emblems, or logos to take your booth to the next level and make you stand out from your competitors. We understand why Jonathan and Theron chose this project as their favorite for 2014! What are your thoughts?

Specialty End Milling for Customizable Designs

Booth Solutions Using Specialty End Milling

Gabriel Baleanu and Alexandra Hart worked on another large-scale exhibit in 2014. However, they adapted their extrusions for fabric panels using AGAM’s Specialty End Milling. Specialty End Milling results in creating intricate and visually appealing designs.

Gabriel and Alexandra created a 30-foot wide by 40-foot long structure that required a lot of custom work with fabric panel extrusions. The customer wanted fabric panels running along either side of the display as well as on the ceiling. However, there was no easy way to connect the canopy to the larger panels, so they had to use the Specialty End Milling to adapt the extrusion for fabric.

How Does Specialty End Milling Work?

Specialty End Milling is the action by which the end of the extrusion can be milled to different shapes, using various cutting heads. In this case, the extrusion was running the wrong way. So, Gabriel and Alexandra milled off the fin to get it to fit flush against the panel. By milling off the fin, this allowed them to provide support while also giving the impression that the panel was floating.

Gabriel and Alexandra were successful in completely this customized panel after communicating with the client and creating various line drawings before producing the final product.

2014 Trends at AGAM

2014 Trends at AGAM

Drawing and Designing a Back Wall with SEG Fabric

Adaptable Booth Solutions for AGAM Client

Carla Cortbawi and Seth Grove worked on creating a back wall that highlighted the use of SEG fabric in 2014. What made this project standout to them was that the client wanted the wall to be adaptable to different sizes. So, Carla and Seth created a 30-foot wall that could break down into a 20 by 10 and a 10 by 10, allowing for versatility and reusability for their client.

2014 Trends at AGAM

30×10-foot Back Wall with SEG Fabric

2014 Trends at AGAM

20×10-foot Back Wall with SEG Fabric

2014 Trends at AGAM

10×10-foot Back Wall with SEG Fabric

Along with the adaptable back wall, the client wanted monitors to be flush with the fabric. So, Carla and Seth created an inner structure within the wall. The client also wanted access to the monitors, so the team had to fit a door into the SEG fabric to access the monitors from behind, which was something new in 2014.

Client Visit and Collaboration with AGAM

While AGAM teams are in constant communication with the clients, it is sometimes difficult to communicate ideas over the phone. In this case, the client flew down to AGAM’s plant to meet with Carla and Seth to finish ironing out the details. While the client was at AGAM, Carla was able to complete the drawings due to collaboration on the stop. Carla and Seth completed the project within the customer’s specifications. This project was a perfect opportunity to work closely with the client and to strengthen what looks like a promising beneficial and long lasting relationship.

AGAM’s Capabilities All-In-One Project

We’ve highlighted the Aluminum Cladding System, the Specialty End Milling Solutions, and SEG Fabric. But now, we are going to focus on a project that highlights a variety of AGAM’s capabilities.

SEMA Show and AGAM

Adam Frederick and Oscar Sandoval worked with a client who, every year, creates a new design and new theme for the SpeciSEMAalty Equipment Marketing Association (SEMA) show. SEMA is a trade association consisting of a diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, auto restorers, street-rod builders, re-stylers, car clubs, race teams and more. These individuals buy, sell and use all kinds of specialty parts and accessories to make vehicles more attractive, more unique, more convenient, faster, safer, more fun and even like new again.

Adam and Oscar used AGAM System’s powder coating, SEG fabric, and aluminum to create the client’s display. One of the main focuses was “hiding” the structure using SEG fabric to cover the extrusions.

Client Understood AGAM System

Since the client was familiar with the AGAM System, Adam and Oscar did not have to re-engineer their rendering since they used the AGAM profile to create the exhibit. This 40 by 40 display highlighted AGAM’s FH1490 Extrusion that is used to hold SEG fabric. Another fun fact about this project is that the client’s exhibit design was nominated for best of show, and Adam and Oscar helped make that happen!

AGAM Works to Fulfill All Your Customized Display Needs

At AGAM, we do our best to make the customer’s visions come to life. The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System is engineered around a broad range of extrusions and accessories. We use these components to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything your imagination and creativity will allow!

We can’t wait to see what 2015 has in store! If you have a design that you want to see brought to life, contact AGAM today! Email us at or give us a call, toll-free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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New Product Launch at AGAM – The Lightbox Extrusion, FH2001

AGAM has created a team infrastructure that we believe best serves the needs of our customers: providing superior client service as well as design in the aluminum modular system industry. Moreover, with many of our product lines, AGAM continues to develop and refine our system to better suit customers’ wants and needs. The most recent being an addition to the Fabric Holding series: the FH2001. Below is the FH2001 Extrusion. The rendering to the right is just one of the ways you can use the FH2001 to enhance your displays. Continue reading to find out how AGAM has used the FH2001 Extrusion.

New Product Launch at AGAM – The Lightbox Extrusion, FH2001

New Product Launch at AGAM – The Lightbox Extrusion, FH2001








Concept Development of AGAM’s FH2001

The FH2001 is an eight-inch (200mm) deep extrusion that can be engineered to construct custom-sized lightboxes. Here are the most important design objectives AGAM followed when creating the FH2001:New Product Launch at AGAM – The Lightbox Extrusion, FH2001

  • A slim, sturdy 200mm profile
  • Double-sided Silicone Edge Graphic (SEG) frame
  • Option between hard panel and fabric diffusers
  • Multiple light configuration possibilities

AGAM manufactured a small sample using existing extrusions. There are two different sized miter and inline connectors for the FH2001: small and large. The smaller version is intended for frames of 6’x6’ or less, and the larger versions are for frames of 6’x6’ or more.

Development of AGAM’s Lightbox Extrusion FH2001

Because of the slim profile of FH2001, the lights can be mounted very close to the edge of the frame, creating large, fully backlit displays without dark edges. The internal channels are spaced so that the number of LED strips can be easily doubled for an extra bright display.

Testing Lightbox Extrusion FH2001 at AGAM

After the drawing was officially approved, and sample lengths of the FH2001 were received, our engineers built a full sized frame to test the strength, ease of assembly, and lighting effects. They also began determining the best way to incorporate different accessory pieces, such as base plates, side legs, and corner braces. All of these would be used to provide additional strength and stability, which is necessary for large-scale frames.

The best way to attach the base plate was to manufacture a custom plate with two holes. By lining up the two outer channels on the FH2001, this would secure the base plate to the rest of the light box.

Connections are made with carriage bolts, washers, and nuts, just like any other FH frame. By adding the second hole in the base, the bolts do not interfere with the LED strips in the center channel.

Successful Creation of AGAM’s Lightbox Extrusion FH2001

The extra depth of the FH2001 frame creates space between the graphic and LEDs, so the light is appropriately diffused and evenly spaced.

Below are some design ideas that demonstrate various applications of the FH2001.

New Product Launch at AGAM – The Lightbox Extrusion, FH2001

New Product Launch at AGAM – The Lightbox Extrusion, FH2001

AGAM Aluminum Modular System Can Help You

AGAM offers unparalleled manufacturing and specialized fabrication services. With a vast 110,000 square foot production facility, AGAM provides all its services under one roof in the United States. With AGAM Systems, design possibilities are infinite. So, if you are looking to make improvements to any type of environment, such as a conference room (as in our case), AGAM has a solution for you.  Email us at or give us a call, toll-free, for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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New Product Launch at AGAM – Eye Hooks

First impressions are everything in the world of tradeshows and exhibits. You only have seconds to catch the attention of potential leads, and AGAM has created a long lasting experience in a designed atmosphere.

Benefits of Using AGAM’s Eye Hooks

Hanging signs and displays are one sure-fire way to stand above the crowd for your next event or tradeshow. With our modular eye hooks, it has never been easier or more cost-effective to do it!

As an accessory in the AGAM Aluminum Modular System, we stock eye hook options for all our extrusions. Whether you’re mounting backlit SEG frames, signs, headers or banners, we have eye hook solutions for all of your hanging needs.

New Product Launch at AGAM – Eye Hooks

AGAM Uses Eye Hooks at Exhibit

Exhibit space is expensive, so make sure you’re using all of it. For one of our recent Exhibitor booths, we used the backlit hanging display. We doubled our exposure with eye-popping graphics on the front to help entice new leads to stop by. We also had detailed information on the inside, showcasing all of our different fabrication capabilities and expertise.

Here is another example of a 10′ x 10′ x 10′ cube hanging sign. This cube is essentially 800 square feet of graphic exposure!

In jam-packed exhibit halls, make sure you rise about the competition by hanging your signs and displays with AGAM’s new eye hooks.New Product Launch at AGAM – Eye Hooks

New Product Launch at AGAM – Eye Hooks

AGAM Can Engineer Your Designs

The AGAM Aluminum Modular Display System is engineered around a broad range of extrusions and accessories. These components interlock to build attractive exhibits, displays, store fixtures, office environments or anything your imagination and creativity will allow! Let AGAM be your partner in getting your projects done! Email us at or give us a call for more information at 1-800-645-0854.

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