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Fishing Rod Holder


A customer requested we come up with a solution for a fishing rod holder.  They sent us pictures and drawings from a prototype.  From their picture, they were using steel rods welded to a steel plate and it did not have all the functionalities they were looking for.  They knew that AGAM could laser cut, bend and paint steel.

First, we developed a 3D model in SolidWorks, using the folding/unfolding feature of the software.  This reverse engineering process guaranteed that the finished piece matched exactly to the customer’s specifications.  After being powder coated, these holders were mounted to a PH1006 track.  The PH1006 allows each holder to move along the track and set in place according to the preference of each store manager.

The bottom of each holder has a PA2 that lets them slide it along a PH1006 that is recessed in their wood base.  They can then tighten the screws to hold it in position.  Below shows the process from the design phase to the laser cutting, bending and painting of this custom rod holder:






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